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Arctic Mission Adventure is a unique ministry designed to take the message of love to the Arctic regions of the Last Frontier.

THE NEED:  From the late 1930's through the early 1980's, the work in the Alaska Arctic was vibrant and growing.  Because of the status of the Alaska Mission, we were able to retain enough funds to underwrite a growing ministry throughout many of the villages.  In the mid-1980's, Alaska's status was changed from a mission to a conference and thus work in the Arctic slowly disintegrated.  For the past 30 years, we have had a number of churches and parsonages throughout the Arctic that have sat virtually empty.

OUR DREAM:  We have a dream to rebuild the work in the Arctic and to train and develop ongoing leadership in the villages.  With dedicated leadership, we can again make a difference in the lives of those that live there.  We are endeavoring to do this through placing self-supporting couples in villages where we already have a presence.  Because of our funding challenges and limited resources, we are endeavoring to do this along the line of frontier missions with volunteer missionaries who are self-supporting and help raise funds from their friends, neighbors and loved ones to carry on their missionary endeavors.

TO DATE:  We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams with this ministry!  All of the churches and parsonages, with the exception of one, now have active missionaries that are taking the gospel to the Native population.  In addition, we are endeavoring to place low-power FM stations in a number of villages that have been a tremendous influence on the community.  Please continue to pray for the Lord's hand to move in the Arctic.

A CALL TO SERVICE:  Consider three questions: 

1. Where does the Lord find you today?  That is a question well worth pondering in your life.  If the Lord were to come to your home, where would He find you?  Involved in a career, raising a family, or preoccupied with recreation or some form of business?  Or would He find you with a willing heart, willing to serve him wherever he may lead?

2. What is the Lord's calling in your Life?  What is your reason for existence?  If God were to call you to work for Him, what would it take for you to set aside all that matters to you and give God your all?  What would it take to step out in faith, with no means of support, and answer God's call?

3. How long would it take for you to say yes to the Lord's calling?  Let's suppose that out of the blue God called you to be a missionary in some remote area in Alaska.  How would you feel about giving up your occupation and the things that tie you to this world?  Would you have a hard time leaving friends and family and move into unentered territory knowing that your faith in God is going to be stretched to the utmost?

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