Arctic Mission Adventure

Kotzebue, named after Otto von Kotzebue who explored the Kotzebue sound while searching of the Northwest Passage in 1818, lies on the end of the Baldwin Peninsula.  Archaeological evidence suggests that the Inupiat people have lived at Kotzebue since at least the 1400's.  Because of it's location, inhabitants of the Russian Far East came to Kotzebue to trade fures, seal oil, hides, rifles, ammunition and seal skins.  Kotzebue is currently the largest city in the Northwest Arctic Borough with a population of 3,082.

Jim and Linda Kincaid moved to Kotzebue in 2007 and restarted the work there.  They provided strong leadership in re-establishing connections wih the native villages through Jim's air taxi service and now the church has a growing attendance and outreach
ministries.  Church attendance is about 20 people each Sabbath.  The Kincaids have since left Kotzebue, but continue to minister to the people there.  Because Kotzebue is a large community, additional volunteer support is needed for outreach.  Please pray for the village of Kotzebue and that someone will be impressed to help support the Kincaid family in ministering to the people there.

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