"My Alaska with Ken Crawford" Video Series 

The first video was produced in June 2012 with the idea of bringing Alaska to people’s homes.  Life in Alaska is very different depending on if you are urban Anchorage or Juneau versus life in a small native village which is only accessible by plane.  Watch life as an Alaskan Seventh-day Adventist, from the most recently produced episode from Totally INSPIRED Media to the first, produced by Todd Gessele while working at the North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

No. 1 | Alaska Constitutency      No. 9   | McCarthy & Bristol Bay
No. 2 | Arctic Invitation No. 10 | Kennicott Mine & Summer Camps
No. 3 | Juneau No. 11 | Kent Sandvik Story & Forgiveness
No. 4 | Ketchikan No. 12 | Last Mail Musher & Adventist Iditarod Racers
No. 5 | The Last Fisherman's Church No. 13 | Kodiak, Fishing and a Concert Pianist
No. 6 | Alaska Addictions Fade                            No. 14 | Invitation to Medical Personnel
No. 7 | Men's Retreat No. 15 | Juneau Update
No. 8 | Alaskan Educators  My Alaska Video Series