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Located 67 miles west of Dillingham at the head of Togiak Bay, the small village is the gateway to the Walrus Island Game Sanctuary.  Togiak is a traditional Eskimo village with a population of 800 that relies on commercial salmon and herring fishing.  Average summer temperatures range from 37-66 degrees; in winter, 4-30 degrees.

In 2006, an offer was made to donate funds to build a new church and parsonage in Togiak and the conference responded.  After many starts and stops, a beautiful new church was built. 

Lynette and John Goude, AMA volunteers, have been working in the community since August 2015.  They have developed strong relationships with their friend and neighbors in Togiak, but their passion is working with the young people.  To this end, they have organized several trips so that the youth can participate in activities such as summer camp, camp meetings and other community events.

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