Arctic Mission Adventure

Located 67 miles west of Dillingham at the head of Togiak Bay, the small village is the gateway to the Walrus Island Game Sanctuary.  Togiak is a traditional Eskimo village with a population of 800 that relies on commercial salmon and herring fishing.  Average summer temperatures range from 37-66 degrees; in winter, 4-30 degrees.

In 2006, an offer was made to donate funds to build a new church and parsonage in Togiak and the conference responded.  After many starts and stops, a beautiful new church was built.  Our current pastoral couple, Chad and Elizabeth Angasan, began ministering to the people of Togiak in the latter part of 2012.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, their efforts have been blessed and currently 20-25 people worship there on a regular basis.  Chad encourages those in mission work: "For those of you who are missionaries in your home town or elsewhere, may you take courage to do one thing, and that is to tag along with what the Holy Spirit is already doing."

Chad is currently attending seminary at Andrews University and we are blessed to have volunteers John & Lynette Goude working in the community.  They are doing a wonderful job continuing to support the Adventist work in this tiny community.

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