Conference Pastors

The conference is working to build its ministerial team here in Alaska.  Alaska is still very much a mission field.  With the vast array of communities, a pastor or Bible worker may find themselves working in an urban community with all the amenities to a very small village with a hundred residents, spotty internet (if any) and a snowmobile or four-wheeler being the primary mode of transportation.  Our ministerial staff are dedicated to spreading the gospel far and wide in our great state! 


Chad Angasan
Kotzebue | Nome


Steve Evenson
Fairbanks | Ministerial Director


Sun Il Kim
Anchorage Korean


Jonathan Mercill
Homer | Midnight Song


Todd Parker
Dillingham | Togiak


Celesta Babb
Delta Junction | North Pole | Utqiagvik


Daniel Jean-Francois
Anchorage Community | Eagle River


Don Lee Jr


Adrian Neacsu
Wasilla | Sunshine


Ryan Rogers


Zack Babb
Delta Junction | North Pole | Utqiagvik


Jim John
Anchorage Northside


Ed Mangena
Glennallen | Valdez


Ionatana Neufeldt
Anchorage Samoan | The 2nd Mile


Brad Traxler
Juneau | Wrangell