The office of the president is the first officer of the conference who reports to the conference executive committee in consultation with the secretary and treasurer.  The president provides spiritual and administrative leadership toward the accomplishment of the mission of Christ has given His church.  In a leadership role, the president adheres to the policies of the North Pacific Union Conference, the North American Division and the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

On a conference level, the president sets the plans, policies and programs voted by the Alaska constituency and the executive committee.

Conference Strategic Plan


Kevin Miller

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JoAnn Stevens 

Secretary to the President
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Alaska Camps | Pathfinders
Radio | Youth | Young Adults

Tobin Dodge

Arctic Mission Adventure

Tobin Dodge

Church Planting | Evangelism
Personal Ministries | Lay Training

Melvin Santos


Brenda Campbell Johnson


Tandi Perkins

Discover Bible School

Tina Steenmeyer


Rod Rau

Men's Ministries Retreat

Jeff Burnette


Steve Evenson

Prayer Ministry | Women's Ministry

Jean Gobah

Stewardship | Treasury | Wills & Trust Services

Jim Jensen