The Alaska Conference administrative team sets the plans, policies and programs voted by the Alaska constituency and the executive committee:

  • Determining the mission, vision and values of the Alaska Conference
  • Insuring the accuracy of all records pertaining to the church
  • Strategically developing the next generation of church leaders
  • Guiding the pastoral placement process in all Alaska Conference churches
  • Stewarding the appropriate use of tithe and non-tithe funds
  • Growing the impact of Adventist Christian education

Through their service, administration seeks to empower leaders throughout the conference to fulfill their ministry potential in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in their own territories.


Kevin Miller
907.346.1004 Ext. 1011
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Jim Jensen
Vice President of Finance
907.346.1004 Ext. 1013
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Ashwin Somasundram
Vice President of Administration
907.346.1004 Ext. 1012
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JoAnn Stevens
Administrative Assistant
907.346.1004 Ext. 1010
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