September 8-10, 2023 at Pioneer Peak Campground!

Our planning team has been working on designing a once in a life time adventure. Here is some bits of information to help you make plans. If you need further assistance, please email Pathfinder director John Winslow at


03:00 pm   Club Check-in / Camp Set-up
04:15 pm   Honors Classes
05:45 pm   Supper (Clubs on their Own)
07:30 pm   Flag Lowering
07:40 pm   Vespers
09:00 pm   Afterglow
11:00 pm   Lights Out

07:00 am   Breakfast (Clubs on their Own)
08:00 am   Flag Raise
08:30 am   Hike
10:45 am   Church
12:30 pm   Lunch (All Clubs)
02:15 pm   Community Outreach
04:15 pm   Honors Completion
05:45 pm    Supper (Clubs on their Own)
06:00 pm   Club Activity
07:30 pm    Flag Lowering
07:40 pm    Sabbath Vespers
09:00 pm    Games
11:00 pm   Lights Out & Quiet

07:30 am   Break Camp
08:30 am   Breakfast (All Clubs)
09:15 am   Flag Raising & Devotional
09:45 am   Honors & Skill Development
11:15 am   Marching Drill Down
12:00 pm   Flag Lowering & Farewell



Please register by completing the form below. Note that only one registration is required for your ENTIRE CLUB. Please do not register individual members. Please register by August 29 and no later than September 1.