Southeast Camp Meeting

AUGUST 1-3, 2024
Vank Island, Alaska

Southeast Alaska camp meeting has been running for a number of years with the help of local churches in the surrounding southeast Alaska. Southeast Alaska Campmeeting is uniquely located on an island called Vank. This island is seperate from the nearby towns of Wrangell and Petersburg. This means that in order to get to campmeeting, one has to take a boat after getting to nearby Wrangell, Petersburg, or Prince of Wales communities such as Coffman Cove or Whale Pass.

There are limited modern conveniences on the island. For example there is electricity when the generators are running during the day.  If you are planning on joining camp meeting this fall, please plan accordingly! The grounds include cabins, a lodge, a bathhouse, and a gym.

The Wrangell SDA Church coordinates camp meeting for southeast and will have details on speakers, what to bring, reservations and more!

Wrangell SDA Church