Background Screening

The Alaska Conference, in alignment with the North American Division, supports the protection of children whether they are a student in our schools, participating in programs in our churches, a member of Pathfinders, or visiting an Adventist-supported ministry. 

The Alaska Conference requires all adults-employees, local hires and volunteers-who work with youth ages 17 and under participate in the background screening process:

  1. Adults, ages 18 and older, complete and sign the Volunteer Information Form giving permission to check references and complete a background check.
  2. The local board or ministry director checks references and completes the Local Church Action portion of the form ensuring the section is complete and signed. 
  3.  The adult creates a Sterling Volunteers account, completes child safety training, and submits personal information for a background check.  A confidential email is provided to the applicant to let them know the results of their screening. 

Churches, schools and ministries can elect to have a local administrator to manage their local hires and/or volunteers.   All information is confidential; screenings expire after a three-year period and must be renewed.  Click on the link below to begin your screening with Sterling Volunteers: